Phentermine NLBHA - The National Latino Behavioral Health Association - Travel Policy


The Travel and Expense Reimbursement Policy (Policy) is intended to provide guidelines applicable to business-related expenses and business travel expense reimbursement.

The Policy is primarily intended for those board members, the Executive Director and non-employees (Representatives) who incur business-related expenses or are required to travel on NLBHA business. Generally, these board members, executive director or non-employees are away from their normal place of business, and seek reimbursement of authorized business travel and entertainment expenses.

Non-employees include, but are not limited to, contractors, clients, guests, partners, and scholarship recipients. It is NLBHA’s intent to reimburse non-employees who are either required or requested to travel by NLBHA for Company related business when NLBHA is sponsoring such travel.

The NLBHA Travel & Expense Reimbursement Policy is designed to ensure the following:

  • Nonprofit travel and entertainment costs are managed within reasonable limits by established and consistent expense criteria.
  • Representatives have full and complete information required for the recovery of business expenses that they incur while on NLBHA business.
  • Only approved, legitimate and reasonable expenses that are incurred by Representatives on behalf of NLBHA may be reclaimed.

These guidelines are not intended to cover every possible situation. Items of an unusual nature should always be discussed with the Executive Director before the expense is incurred or before the submission of an expense for reimbursement.

This policy does not cover meetings and event sourcing, planning or payment procedures those are addressed in a different policy.

Alternatives to Travel

Business travel should only occur when there is a significant advantage or value for NLBHA and such business activities cannot be reasonably accomplished through conference calls, video conferencing, webinars or other alternatives.

Travel Agency

Travelling Representative must use Spears Travel when making travel arrangements. Travelers are expected to contact Spears Travel during office hours at 918-254-0679 or 800-688-8034, and will need approval for ‘After hours Emergency Service’ through Spears Travel. Each traveler must fill out a Traveler Profile for use by Spears Travel at Invoices produced by Spears Travel should be included in reimbursement procedures, outlined below.

Lowest Cost

Travelling Representatives must always select the lowest cost option offered that meets the business objective and achieves the lowest total trip cost while ensuring the travelers personal safety. When comparing options, travelers should investigate and take into consideration all possible incremental ancillary service fees imposed by suppliers for special accommodations or changes/penalties.

Representatives must consider using alternate methods of transport such as, rental and or personal cars, train, bus and also consider alternative dates and times offered, airports, connecting flights or stopovers in order to adhere to NLBHA’s objective of lowest cost.

Frequent Traveler/Guest Programs

Representatives may retain frequent traveler/guest program benefits. However, frequent traveler/guest preferences must not be the primary consideration when selecting and booking travel arrangements over lower cost options offered that meet the business objectives.

Airline Class of Service

All flights must be booked in coach/economy class.

Airport Parking

Parking at the airport parking structure will be reimbursed if associated with NLBHA business.

Hotel Accommodations

Government agencies with which NLBHA does business may have government preferred rates that are extended to NLHBA Representatives. Those should be used when available. Representatives should inquire about the availability of government rates. Internet access charges while on approved business trips are not reimbursable. Representatives should also consider other low cost alternatives such as Air B&B.

Representatives attending externally sponsored conferences or meetings may stay at hotels/properties where such conferences or meetings are being held. In the event of a special group meeting/event or customer visit, where preferred rates are pre-negotiated on an event basis. Representatives should book direct or in accordance with the guidance provided by the meeting planner.

When necessary, Representatives should cancel hotel reservations within the cancellation timeframe specified by the hotel. Cancellation fees or “no-show” fees are not reimbursable unless outside the control of the Representative.

Representatives whose domicile is less than or equal to 50 miles from the meeting or training venue are not eligible for overnight hotel stay reimbursement.

Extended hotel stays for personal or non NLBHA business are not reimbursable and any request will be denied.

Car Rental

Representatives will be reimbursed for the rental of an economy-sized vehicle or for the use of shared riding or shuttle services. Any costs incurred for returning a rental vehicle after the agreed upon date and time will not be reimbursed.

Personal Vehicles

The use of a personal vehicle for transportation while on company business is authorized if it is the lowest cost alternative. When authorized, the representative will be reimbursed at the standard IRS mileage rate. Expenses for fuel, oil, maintenance, car cleaning, washing, and wear and tear are not reimbursable. Tolls and parking are reimbursed with proper receipts.

Use of a personal vehicle must not incur costs that exceed the cost of a rental car or other commercially available means of travel. Representatives using their personal vehicle for business trips must maintain the minimum personal injury and property damage liability coverage required by the state in which the employee resides. Insurance cost of personal vehicles is not reimbursable. When seeking reimbursement for mileage, Representatives must use either actual odometer readings or the Rand McNally ( or MapQuest ( mileage calculator. Reimbursement for refueling a personal vehicle is strictly prohibited and will be denied. Mileage reimbursement will be calculated from place of domicile to meeting or training venue and back.


The use of taxis or limousines should be limited to occasions where no other lower cost alternatives are available.


Gratuities/Tips should be customary, reasonable and commensurate with the services provided.

Business Meals

Business meals are reimbursable while on business travel at the federal meal per diem rate. Full day meal per diem for training consultants is limited to actual training days. Partial day meal per diem may be claimed for non-training travel days if travel starts before twelve noon. Partial day meal per diem requests for non-training travel day(s) where travel starts after twelve noon will not be reimbursed.


Entertainment expenses must be either directly related to, or associated with, NLBHA business. Such activities must include a business-related discussion before, during, or after the entertainment event. The desire to obtain prospects and/or the intent to maintain an existing business relationship is an objective that has a clear business purpose and can be described as such. A complete list of all attendee’s names, titles and relationship to NLBHA in addition to the nature and purpose of the event must accompany the expense reports when submitting for reimbursement. Request for reimbursement of entertainment expenses are limited to the Executive director and certain board members or with the express approval by the Executive Director.

Other Reimbursable Expenses

The NLBHA may reimburse for printing, snacks for training sessions; however, receipts must be attached for the reimbursement to be approved.

Any other travel related expenses not specifically stated in the travel policy must be presented to the NLBHA Executive Director for consideration before any travel related expenses are incurred and may or may not be approved for payment.

Required Forms for Reimbursement

NLBHA has developed two forms on which travel and expenses shall be requested. One is specific to its Training Consultants and the other is for all other purposes. Representatives are required to use the appropriate form and attach all corresponding receipts. Use of any other form or not attaching the appropriate receipts may cause delays in reimbursement or denial of an otherwise reimbursable item. Representative are required to use a separate form for each trip. The completed form should be signed and with the corresponding receipts sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Upon review and approval, the travel form and receipts will be posted to SmartSheet.

Expenses related to NLBHA training events for government agencies will be reimbursed 30 days after the government agency has paid NLBHA for said training.

Responsibilities and Duties

It is the personal responsibility of each NLBHA Representative to comply with this Policy. Any Representative who violates this Policy may be subject to formal action, up to and including termination of the contractual relationship. NLBHA executives have primary responsibility for supporting and ensuring compliance with this Policy. Representatives will be given a copy of the Policy with the expectation that each will read, become familiar with and adhere to it.