Phentermine NLBHA - The National Latino Behavioral Health Association - Tenemos Voz


The Tenemos Voz (We have a voice) National Latino Consumer Network is an all-inclusive network of empowered Latinos with behavioral health challenges who promote the holistic principles of health and wellness in recovery through equal access to quality mental health treatment.

The Network takes action aimed at influencing national behavioral health care policy, eliminating disparities in access to services, and improving the quality of services and treatment outcomes for Latino populations.

Tenemos Voz provides a national Latino consumer voice on issues of concern to communities across the country. The Network accomplishes its mission through advocacy, education, prevention, intervention, and support.


In 2000, Latino behavioral health leaders came together at the  National Congress for Hispanic Mental Health where they identified the creation of a national Latino Mental Health Consumer Network as a key goal. In September 2009, the National Latino Behavioral Health Association (NLBHA) and Tenemos Voz New Mexico came together to make this Network a reality. Together they established the Tenemos Voz National Latino Consumer Network; a consumer driven effort in recognition of the powerful role people with behavioral health challenges play as agents of transformation.